Choosing Quality Furniture

Hello and welcome to my article about choosing your furniture.

While some people would say it is a simple matter, just pick out what you like, in reality it is not that simple. You need to be able to distinguish quality from crap and you need to be able to recognize good deals on the spot. I will not be focusing on any specific piece, but instead i will give out advice about furniture in general.

What you want to be looking for in quality furniture is the craftsmanship itself, amount of natural wood the said piece possess and also the fine finish of the item. These are basically the common factors which dictate the quality. Do not be dead-set on specific brands, always have an open mind. Maybe some of the brands you thought inferior made a piece of furniture of grand quality that you can not afford to skip.

Getting to know which pieces are quality stuff and which are not requires time, as in any matter. Experience is the biggest asset here, you can not expect to know if anything is of high quality if you have not seen it done in low quality way. So, the trick here is to go out and browse. That is the only way you will be able to distinguish gold from crap.

In these modern times, quality has suffered a lot since the demand is also greater. Do you remember those high quality pieces you saw at your grandparents house? Well, you can’t really find stuff like that in normal furniture stores. Those are now called antiques and their cost is pretty much inflated. No, what we are left now is mass-produced furniture.

However, you can also get quality in these new products, you just need to know what to look for. Lets say you want a leather sofa.

One big thing to look for is to check out the seams. Genuine leather is more or less two feet wide then there has to be a seam. If there is more than two feet of no seam, then you are not looking at real leather.

Companies like to advertise their products as genuine leather when in truth there is little of it to be found in the product.

You should get familiar with things that show the real quality of the product. Wood? Check out board divisions. Cloth? Check for firm seams etc. What i would advise you is to get to know everything about any specific product you want to buy. In this way you are focusing at one thing at a time which means you are spending your resources wisely. It can be too much for anyone to know everything about everything. But by focusing on one thing, you are constantly expanding your knowledge, bit by bit and that knowledge is not that easily forgotten.

Let me give you an example of things you should know about a specific piece. Lets say you are considering to buy a quality sofa for your living room.

What you should check on the said sofa is:

Is the fabric out of which sofa is made transparent?
Try to look through it against the light. If you can easily see through, it is not really woven as it should be, and it is definitely not quality sofa.

Does it stretch?
Stretching of the fabric can tell you if it will wrinkle after sitting on it. If the swatch you have stretched regained its shape afterwards, it will be same with your sofa. If not, you will get wrinkles.

Will the color rub off?
You can check this with an emery board, you just rub it twenty or thirty times across the fabric and check if it will wear off. In quality sofas, fabric will not lose its color after this treatment.

Check the seams
This is pretty straightforward but it needs to be done, all seams need to match and there must not be any tears or stains. You do not want anything to be poorly made.

Feel the springs
Sofa can look absolutely gorgeous but if springs are bad, it is a waste of money, unless used only for decorative purposes. You should sit and check how the springs react to your weight. They should be reacting the same, no matter where you sit or how you move. It is a hallmark of good quality if the springs equally react to pressure, whenever you sit. Also, check for squeaking, quality sofa will not squeak!

Try twisting the frame
Few ways of checking frame quality are to lift the sofa at the front corner of the arm, while holding down the opposite corner. Quality frames will not twist while low quality will. Also, try to shake it around the arm and back areas. If it is quality one, there will be very small movement.

These kinds of things you need to know about any piece you want to buy. Do not be lazy and expect anyone will do your work for you. If you are set on buying quality furniture, educate yourself to know that you are paying for the real deal. We are not living in ideal society where no one will pull wool over your eyes. You need to be able to distinguish good from bad for yourself.